Public Records

Pursuant to proclamation 20-28 issued by Governor Inslee, the District is temporarily prohibited from conducting in-person business related to public records requests, to include making public records available for in-person inspection, and providing records in-person. This prohibition is currently in effect until further notice. The District will continue to process public records requests and will work with requestors to provide records in the most safe, and efficient manner, and to the extent possible through electronic means. Requests for public records can be sent by mail to the address listed below or by e-mail to  A link to the public records form is located below.

Franklin PUD complies with the requirements of the Washington Public Records Act. Our public records policy is available to members of the public who desire to review or obtain copies of public records held by Franklin PUD. A Request for Public Records form is available for use when submitting a public records request.  Certain public records may be exempt, either in whole or in part, from disclosure under the Washington Public Records Act or other state or federal laws.  A listing of potential exemptions can be found in our public records policy below.  Some of the typical types of records available on various pages of this website include our regular Commission meeting agendas, meeting packets and minutes, our financial reports and our rates.  

Below is a link to our Public Records Policy and Public Records Request form:

Public Records Policy
Public Records Request Form
Public Records Request Law Enforcement Form
Public Records Request Copy Fee Schedule 

If you have any questions regarding public records, please contact:

Rosario Viera
Public Records Officer
PO Box 2407
Pasco, WA 99302-2407
Phone: (509) 546-5947
Fax: (509) 547-5972