Appliance Rebates

Appliance Rebates

Appliance Rebate Application

Franklin PUD offers rebates on qualifying ENERGY STAR® clothes washers ($25) and dryers ($25).  When you purchase and install these products, you can save energy and money while reducing your impact on the environment.


Verify that the product(s) you are going to install meet(s) the eligibility requirements listed on the ENERGY STAR® certified products.

How to Apply for an Appliance Rebate

  • Include copy of receipt
  • Sign the Appliance Rebate Application
  • Make copies of all documentstation for your records
  • Submit your completed application and documentation to Franklin PUD by:
    • Mailing it to the Energy Services Department at P.O. Box 2407, Pasco, WA 99302;

    • ​Faxing it to the Energy Services Department at 509-542-5917;

    • ​Scanning and emailing it to:; or

    • ​Dropping it off at our office at 1411 W. Clark Street