Home Energy Audits

To obtain a Home Energy Audit, High Bill Investigation, or Efficiency Consultation, please fill out the form below. A representative from our Energy Services Department will contact you to follow up on your request as soon as possible.

  • High Bill = Usage seems high on a particular bill (or bills) and you would like to know what might be causing it.  
  • Energy Audit = Usage seems generally high, and you would like help narrowing down the possible causes, such as poor insulation or windows, or an equipment failure.
  • Efficiency Upgrade Consultation = You are unhappy with your home’s energy performance and want to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency, but you are not sure where to start. An auditor can do a ‘walk though’ and help you determine where your home needs attention and what your priorities should be for payback on an efficiency investment(s).

For questions, please contact our Energy Services Department at residentialprojects@franklinpud.com or call 509-546-5967.

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