Insulation & Air Sealing

What is covered by the program?

  • Rebates for insulation start at $.10/square foot, depending on the type of home, the location of the insulation (attic, floor or walls), and the change in insulation level (the “R-Value”) before and after the installation.
  • The rebate for Prescriptive Air Sealing in ceilings and floors of single-family homes is $.10 per square foot.
  • Insulation and air sealing improvements must be performed by one of Franklin PUD’s Authorized Contractors to qualify for a rebate. Authorized Contractors have received special training and certifications required to meet Franklin PUD and BPA specifications to help insure a standard of efficiency and durability have been met.

Rebate levels are detailed below: 

Weatherization Rebate Application (Insulation, Air Sealing and Windows)

Insulation and air sealing are often the most practical and affordable ways of making your home more energy efficient and comfortable.  Insulation helps prevent heat transfer from inside your house to the outside, reducing your heating and cooling costs and improving the comfort of your home.  Insulation slows the loss of heat from your home by providing a layer between your house and the outside air and is measured by R-values, a measure of heat resistance.  The higher the R-value, the better.

The total value of your insulation rebate depends on how much insulation the different areas of your home need to be properly weatherized. 

Air sealing reduces drafts and air leakage in the shell of your home from the attic to the crawlspace.  Air sealing is required with all Franklin PUD attic, wall and crawlspace insulation projects but is also available as a stand-alone measure.  Air sealing has traditionally been a key element of residential construction that has been somewhat or wholly overlooked depending on the construction date of your home.  Modern codes require air sealing and testing for new construction, but older homes may not have benefited from such requirements and frequently offer good opportunity for improvement.  Contact one of our Authorized Contractors to see if your single-family home is a good candidate for Prescriptive Air Sealing.