Windows & Doors

What is covered by the program?

To be eligible for rebates, qualifying windows and exterior doors must be installed by one of our Authorized Contractors unless otherwise indicated. Our Authorized Contractors have received special training and certifications required to meet Franklin PUD and BPA specifications to help insure a standard of efficiency and durability have been met.

Rebate levels through September 30, 2018 are shown below:

Weatherization Application (Insulation, Air Sealing and Windows)

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Eligibility for Window Rebates:

You must be a current Franklin PUD customer living in a home with electricity as the primary heating source.

Why should I consider improving my windows?

Because they typically comprise a significant portion of your home’s exterior wall area, windows are a critical point of heat loss or gain and drafts in your home.  Upgrading your windows to high-performance, energy-efficient models will have a positive impact on the comfort and warmth of your home.

The U-value of a window measures the rate of heat transfer and tells you how well it insulates.  U-values generally range from U 1.30 to U.22.  The lower the U-value, the better the window performs.