New Account Numbers for All Customers

Franklin PUD customers – did you know you have a new account number since we transitioned to a new payment system called SmartHub?  If you pay your electric bill through your online banking website, please be sure to update and enter your new account number.  And remember there are no dashes required.  Call Franklin PUD if you have questions at 547-5591. more

Franklin PUD Commission Meeting

April 25, 2017 | 1:00 PM
Franklin PUD Auditorium more

SmartHub is Now Available

New! SmartHub is now available. Learn more here! more

BPA’s Annual Average Cost of Fish & Wildlife Actions

The Fish and Wildlife program funds several hundred mitigation projects to meet both BPA’s Northwest Power Act and Endangered Species Act obligations. more

Cap on Renewable Energy Systems Eligible for State Incentive

Franklin PUD is no longer approving applications for production incentives for solar and other renewable energy systems that can be paid under the State’s Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Program.  Franklin PUD will not approve applications unless we are certain of our ability to pay the incentive.  Renewable energy systems will be given priority for future payments based on the order in which they received contingent approval of net meter interconnection applications from Franklin PUD’s Engineering Department.  Please call Linda Esparza at 509-542-5910 or Todd Blackman at 509-546-5946 if you have any questions. more

Bonneville Power Administration’s Fact Sheet: Benefits of the Lower Snake River Dams

A Northwest energy solution:Regional power benefits of the lower Snake River dams 
Clean, flexible and reliable. The lower Snake River dams are part of a Northwest energy solution with the capability to generate over 3,000 megawatts of carbon-free power. more

View Our 2016 Fast Facts

View our updated 2016 Fast Facts document. more

Irreplaceable Benefits of the Snake River Dams

Together, the four Snake River dams produce 1,110 megawatts of reliable energy – enough clean, carbon-free energy to power a city the size of Seattle. more

2016 Fish Facts

Read the 2016 Public Power Council's compilation of relevant facts regarding the BPA ratepayer-funded effort to aid salmon and steelhead in the Columbia and Snake Rivers. more

Phone Scam Warning

Franklin PUD continues to warn of telephone scams targeting utility customers. Franklin PUD customers have reported receiving collection calls from individuals claiming they work for Franklin PUD and the customer is past due on their electric bill. Customers are told that if they don’t respond to a given phone number within a short period of time their electricity will be shut off. more