Beware of Common Utility Scams

Sadly, scams happen all the time, and it's up to each of us to protect ourselves, our friends, and our family from being a victim of a scam.

Here are 4 common scams for utility companies, like Franklin PUD.

  1. Disconnection Deception - Scammers call threatening disconnection of your utility service and demand immediate payment by prepaid card or credit card.
  2. Overpayment Tactic - Scammers call claiming you've overpaid your bill and need you to provide bank account information or a credit card number to facilitate a refund.
  3. Number Spoofing - Scammers spoof a callback number that closely resembles the phone number of your utility company.
  4. Door Knocking Imposter - Scammers pose as utility workers and go door-to-door to gain entry or access into a person's home.

Always call us if you are unsure - our Customer Service team is here to help! We can be reached at 509-547-5591 or