Small Agriculture Irrigation Rates

Service under this schedule shall be available throughout the District’s service area for agricultural irrigation and agricultural drainage pumping installations of less than 300 horsepower, and uses incidental thereto.

Type of Service

Three phase, sixty-hertz alternating current at available secondary voltage. At the discretion of the District, single phase service will be provided where no single motor exceeds 10 horsepower.

Monthly Charges
Demand Charge
All kW: $7.81

Energy Charge
All kWh:
April - August  $0.0321
September - March  $0.0526

Minimum Bill
The minimum annual charge shall be $7.02 per horsepower per year.

Determination of Demand

Demand measurement will be made by suitable instruments at point of delivery and will be the highest average kW load during any 30-minute period each month.

Delivery Point

Above rates are based upon service to the entire installation through a single delivery and metering point. Service at other delivery points or at different phase or voltage will be separately metered and billed.

Billing and Terms of Payment

Bills are computed at monthly intervals. Bills are due and payable on receipt and are delinquent twenty (20) days after the billing date. Failure to receive a bill shall not release the customer from liability for payment. Bills not paid in full on or before the twentieth (20) day after the date of the bill are subject to an additional charge. This charge shall be one percent (1%) of unpaid amount for the first delinquent month; and for subsequent delinquent months, there will be a two percent (2%) charge assessed each and every month thereafter (compounded) until bill is paid in full.

General Terms and Conditions
Service under this classification is subject to the District's Rules and Regulations for Electric Service.

Effective March 1, 2022

Rate Schedule 3