Tree Trimming

Tree trimming reduces trees' contact with power lines. We hire highly trained and qualified line clearance professionals to perform required work. Only qualified line clearance tree contractors are allowed to work within 10 feet of high voltage lines. Never attempt to prune trees near power lines yourself.

If there is any question, call our Operations Center at (509) 546-5975. If the power lines are determined to be low-voltage, we will disconnect and reconnect your secondary electrical service at no cost to you if done during regular working hours to allow you to do the work safely. We offer tree trimming services on the primary line only. This program is offered in the fall season each year and you must contact our operations department to get your name on the schedule.

Occasionally, it may be necessary for us to remove trees or bushes. During routine inspections, our experts look for trees that pose a threat to property or human life. For example, a tree off the PUD right of way that is dead or dying, which could fall into the lines, must be removed. Hazardous conditions also arise when children climb trees growing too close to power lines.

If you are concerned about a tree on your property or are interested in possible removal of a tree near power lines, please call us at (509) 546-5975 or e-mail us at Be sure to ask about our tree replacement program.