Budget Payment Plan

We offer a program for residential customers called the Budget Payment Plan. This plan allows you to pay the same amount each month. We average the bills for the last 12 months at your current address to calculate the payment amount.

Here are some things you should know about the program:

  • The account will be re-evaluated every March and September to ensure the payment amount is on track with the usage billed. The monthly amount is adjusted if there is a balance or credit on the account at the time of re-evaluation. Messages will be printed on the March and September billing statements with the revised Budget Plan amount. You will begin paying the revised amount the following month.
  • Payment is required each month. The account may be removed from the plan if payments are missed.
  • The Budget Plan is a way to even out your payments throughout the year. It is not a discount or savings. We read the meter every month and bill the account for the power used. You will see the actual balance or credit on your billing statement each month.
  • If you close your account or transfer service, the final balance on the account will be owed. If there is a credit, the balance will be refunded.

The Budget Payment Plan is especially helpful for individuals on a tight budget like seniors, disabled individuals, college students, and snowbirds. It allows for ease of mind in knowing you will pay the same amount each month.

You can sign up by filling out the online form below or calling a Customer Service Representative at 509-547-5591. You may also e-mail Customer Service at franklin@franklinpud.com.

Para servicio en español, llame al departamento de servicio al cliente al 509-547-5591.