Pre-Qualification of Contractors

Franklin PUD requires all individuals or companies wanting to perform any electrical work, tree trimming, and pole testing to be “Pre-Qualified” as required in RCW 54.04.085.

At least once a year, Franklin PUD publishes a notice of the existence of its Pre-Qualified Contractors Roster, and solicits the names of contractors for such roster. Links for the current Pre-Qualified Contractor Notice and Pre-Qualified Contractor List are below:

Contractors interested in pre-qualifying for work at Franklin PUD may apply by clicking the application link. The Commissioners of Franklin PUD will determine if an applicant meets all requirements for becoming a Pre-Qualified Contractor.

Please submit a completed Pre-Qualification Application to:
Franklin PUD
Attention: Purchasing Manager
PO Box 2407
Pasco, WA 99302-2407

Questions? Contact us at or (509) 546-5950.