CWPU Information

The Central Washington Public Unified Insurance Program

The Central Washington Public Utilities (CWPU) group is comprised of the following seven public utilities: Benton County PUD, Douglas County PUD, Ferry County PUD, Franklin County PUD, Grant County PUD, Okanogan PUD, and Pend Oreille PUD. These utilities are organized through an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement under the provisions of Chapter 39.34 RCW as a Unified Insurance Program (UIP) for the purpose of joint purchase for medical, dental, and life and long-term disability insurance benefits for employees of public utility districts. The CWPU's have established a self-insured Trust under rules of RCW 48.62 and WAC 82-65 for Local Government Self-Insurance Health and Welfare Program Requirements for the administration and claims payments of medical and dental benefits.

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