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Commercial Service Requirements
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The following information is to assist you, our customer-owners, in acquiring commercial electrical service as economically and with as little inconvenience and delay as possible. The following needs to be provided:

  • A plot plan showing your preferred fencing and transformer location(s).  PUD will work out the actual transformer location together as we finalize the engineering plans.
  • Service voltages desired.
  • Total connected load in kW, broken down into requirements for lighting, air-conditioning, electric motors (along with their size), etc.
  • Estimated demand in kW.
  • Projected growth in electrical power requirements in kW in the next few years.
  • Size and type of service wire to be installed.

Please call the Engineering office at 547-0556 for an appointment to review your plans with a field engineer.             

If temporary power is required, PUD will need to discuss availability, applicable charges for District construction, and the approximate date when temporary power will be needed.

To give you a good idea of how your project will proceed, we've briefly outlined below the items normally provided by the PUD and those that are the customer/contractor's responsibility.

Franklin PUD STRONGLY recommends that you install "Phase Failure Protection" on your 3-phase service equipment to protect your pump motors.