Who We Are

Customer-owned utilities in the public power family like Franklin PUD are owned and governed by the people and communities we serve. We have an obligation to provide you ownership and control of your utility and to do so reliably, efficiently, and at the lowest reasonable cost. 


Guiding Principles

The Commission and General Manager, along with leadership staff, center goals and objectives for the District around these principles:  

  • SAFETY first
  • Maintain low stable power RATES,
  • Sustain high systems RELIABILITY, and
  • Develop strong and supportive RELATIONSHIPS with our customers and community partners.


Mission & Values

Mission Statement  

To provide safe, reliable, and affordable cost-based power that benefits our customers.

Vision Statement

The District will be a respected and reliable steward of electric and broadband systems, delivering high value to customers in the form of: low-cost and reliable power; a system infrastructure that supports safety and reliability; commitment to conservation of energy resources and our environment; and committed employees who excel in customer service and make the District a great place to work.

Customer Focus
We respond to our internal and external customers, listening to their requests and understanding their needs. We strive to exceed their expectations.

We consistently treat every individual with dignity and respect. We foster open and honest communication, listen, and understand other perspectives.

We are guided by what is ethical and right and fulfill our commitments as responsible public stewards.

Personal Responsibility
We are personally accountable to our customers and the District for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work.

We value diversity and draw strength from the wealth of viewpoints that reside within the District. We work together; demonstrate collaboration through mutual reliability, openness and flexibility.

Forward Focus
We anticipate and prepare for the future, encourage innovation and new ideas to better serve our customers.