Interlocal Agreements

Interlocal agreements are those entered into between or among one or more public agencies. For more information regarding these agreements please contact us at or (509) 546-5950.

Below is a list of current interlocal agreements involving Franklin PUD:

1035 - Interlocal Cooperation Agreement Northwest Open Access Network

1295 - Amended and Restated Interlocal Agreement Establishing the Central Washington Public Utilities Administrative Agency

3426 - Service Area Agreement between Franklin PUD and Big Bend Electric Cooperative

4973 - Interutility Cooperative Assistance Mutual Aid Agreement 

5994 - Agreement for Reciprocal Fiber Optic Cable Lease between Franklin PUD and City of Richland

6198 - State of Washington Intergovernmental Agreement for State Purchasing Cooperative

6463 - Interlocal Cooperative Agreement between Franklin County and Franklin County PUD for General Equipment and/or Services through Department of Public Works

6668 - Interlocal Agreement between City of Pasco and Public Utility District No. 1 of Franklin County

6744 - LIHEAP Vendor Agreement with Benton County Community Action Committee

6880 - Franklin County Regional Information Systems (SCBID & Franklin County) 

7153 - Interlocal Cooperative Project Agreement between Benton PUD and Franklin PUD

7592 - Master Intergovernmental Cooperative Purchasing Agreement (US Communities Government Purchasing Alliance)

7739 - Agreement for Safety and Training Manager  

7898 - Agreement for State Grant No. 14-93209-033, Streetlight Installation (City of Pasco)

8535 - Interlocal Agreement between the Port of Pasco, City of Pasco, and the Public Utility District No. 1 of Franklin County for the Study of the Impacts to Power Rates and Property Tax from and Economic Development Recruitment  

8628 - Interlocal Agreement Between Public Utility District No 1 of Franklin County and Port of Pasco

8953 - Interlocal Cooperative Agreement for Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 

9128 - Inerlocal Coopertive Agreement for Discovery and Feasibility Study of an Employer Sponsored Near-Site Healthcare Clinic

9130 - Interlocal Cooperation Agreement Establishing the CWPU Unified Insurance Program Trust and Declaration of Trust

9131 - Interlocal Agreement Establishing the Central Washington Public Utilities Administrative Agency

9621 - Interlocal Agreement Between Energy Northwest and Franklin PUD to Provide Technical Services as Requested

10016 - Interlocal Agreement Between the City of Connell and Franklin PUD