Smart Meters

The energy landscape is changing. And so are your expectations. We have been working toward transitioning to smart meters for all of our customers. If you don't find what you are looking for here, you can always contact our Customer Service Department at 509-547-5591. We're here to help! 

What is a smart meter?
It’s a meter that communicates using digital technology – similar to your smartphone. Smart meters allow for two-way communication between your meter and Franklin PUD. The meters record your energy usage information, which is then safely and securely sent to Franklin PUD. That data is used to generate bills, run a more reliable and efficient power grid, and to deliver a higher level of service to our customers.

Why smart meters?
To bring efficiencies in billing and meter reading. In the past, you have had to provide us with a key to your gate, leave latches unlocked or confine your dogs to allow meter reading. Now, you only need to provide entry for periodic maintenance. On top of all this, we receive information in real time, which will allow us to respond to outages faster. We will be able to provide you with more information about your own energy usage and have it available at your fingertips through our SmartHub app or online services. Overall, it will give you more insight into your usage and it’s exciting to be able to bring this technology to our customers. 

Who is installing my smart meter?
Meters will be installed by Franklin PUD staff. Installers will be carrying proper identification. If you have a concern about that person’s identity, please call Franklin PUD at 509-547-5591.

When am I getting my smart meter?
Franklin PUD staff has been installing smart meters in our service territory since 2021. Installations occur Monday – Friday during business hours. You'll receive a notice by mail a few weeks prior to your installation letting you know when we’ll be in your area.

Do I have to be home when my smart meter gets installed?
No. We ask that on the scheduled date of installation, your existing meter is free from obstructions, all pets are secure, and access to your property is safe and clear. This will ensure the meter can be changed safely and quickly. If we cannot access your meter or complete the work, a door hanger will be left requesting that you call us to schedule an appointment for installation. We’d appreciate it if you called as soon as possible to schedule your appointment so we can return while we’re still in your area.

Will my electric service be interrupted?
For homes, there may be a brief interruption of electric service for a few minutes as the meter is being installed.
For businesses, your power might be interrupted during installation. When we arrive onsite, we’ll assess your situation. If we can install your new meter without interrupting service, we’ll take care of it then. If it requires a power outage, we’ll work with you to schedule a time that’s least disruptive to your business.

Will I own the meter?
No. Meters, much like power poles and transformers are owned by Franklin PUD.

What if I have life-support equipment at my home?
If you operate life-support medical equipment at your home or business, please call us at 509-547-5591 to let us know if you have special needs or circumstances that require you to have advanced notice of the meter exchange.

Who do I call if I have questions about the meter installation?
Please call our customer service department at 509-547-5591.

How can I see my energy data from my new smart meter?
You'll need to register for an account through SmartHub, our account management software system. If you don't have a SmartHub account, please register for one by going to the home page of our Franklin PUD website or downloading the SmartHub App. The registration process is simple and takes only a few minutes. Just be sure to have a copy of your bill handy.

Is my information protected?
Yes. Your privacy is important to Franklin PUD. We maintain strict confidentiality and privacy policies and use state-of-the-art technology to safeguard your information. All meters, communication, and information management systems are subject to the same security standards that have kept the energy grid safe for years. The energy usage information coming from our meters is encrypted, and the meters do not collect, store, or transmit personally identifiable information.

Will radio frequency (RF) emissions come from the smart meter?
Yes, but those radio frequency emissions are well below the RF levels produced by other common household devices like mobile phones, baby monitors, microwaves, and TV’s – and are a small fraction of the limits set by the Federal Communications Commission, the agency that enforces the safety limits of RF emissions. See more here...

What if I don’t want a new smart meter installed at my home?
If you have concerns about the new smart meters, you may choose to opt-out. For residential customers there will be an opt-out fee of $90 and an additional monthly fee of $15 to cover some of the cost of manually reading your meter. For more information on opting out, please see our Rules and Regulation for Electric Service. Please contact our Customer Service Department for details and more information at 509-547-5591.