Professional Services

At various times we have the need for Architectural, Engineering, and/or other Professional Services. At least once a year we publish a notice of the existence of the Professional Services Roster and solicit a Statement of Qualifications from businesses asking for placement on such roster. Below is a link to the most recent notice:

Professional Services Notice

Engineering work may include the design of various distribution, transmission, and substation projects for the District’s electrical plant or other engineering requirements on an as-needed basis.

Other Professional Services may include the need for cost of service and rate design work, engineering studies, pre-design and construction services, surveying, geotechnical, environmental and soils investigations expertise, energy efficiency savings analysis (including commercial and irrigation energy savings studies), land surveying, landscape architect services, as well as other architect services.

All Architectural and Engineering consultants and other firms interested in providing these professional services are asked to submit a Statement of Qualifications. The District will evaluate current Statements of Qualifications submitted, and thereafter conduct discussions with one or more interested firms when such services are required.

Businesses interested in submitting a Statement of Qualifications should return it to:


Mail:     Franklin PUD
             Attn: Purchasing Manager
             PO Box 2407
             Pasco, WA 99302-2407

Firms selected for further consideration for specific projects may be requested to submit additional data related to their qualifications for supplying the above services.

Questions? Contact us at or (509) 546-5950.