Street Lighting

Service under this schedule shall be available to cities, towns, Franklin County and State of Washington installations located in the District’s service area upon receipt of an authorized lighting design under this schedule and under contracts based thereon.

This street lighting schedule will be applicable to the service of lighting systems for public streets, alleys, and thoroughfares. Public grounds service existing prior to July 27, 1977, may be provided under this schedule. This schedule of charges for street lighting includes energy only. Any work performed and material furnished by the District in relamping fixtures, making repairs, alterations, changes and additions to existing systems will be billed at actual cost plus overhead to the responsible party.

Lighting systems supplied and installed by the developer/customer shall meet all requirements of the District’s current Standard Specifications for Street Light Construction Lighting systems will be supplied at voltages and locations approved by the District..

Monthly Rates:

Customer Owned or District Owned


Energy Only        
100 Watt  $3.93        
150 Watt  $5.35        
200 Watt  $7.12        
250 Watt  $8.40        
400 Watt  $13.24        

Metered 0.085 per kWh







All other lighting types will be charge using the following calculation:
Watts x average hour (335) x 0.085 per kWh
Example: 100 Watts x 335 hours = 33,500 watt hours
33,500/1000 = 33.5 kWh
33.5 kWh x 0.085 = $2.8475

Light Types: HPS = High Pressure Sodium, IND = Induction, LED = Light Emitting Diode

Billings and Terms of Payment
Street lighting will be billed at monthly intervals. Bills are due and payable on receipt and are delinquent twenty (20) days after the billing date. Failure to receive a bill shall not release the customer from liability for payment. Bills not paid in full on or before the twentieth (20) day after the date of the bill are subject to an additional charge. This charge shall be one percent (1%) of unpaid amounts on monthly bills, and shall be applied at subsequent billings.

General Terms and Conditions
Service under this classification is subject to the District's Rules and Regulations for Electric Service.

Effective March 1, 2022

Rate Schedule 5