Fiber Services

The PUD’s broadband network provides a reliable high-speed network throughout Franklin County that helps make advanced broadband services more accessible to residents, organizations, and businesses. The PUD does not provide service directly to residential users or businesses. Instead, we serve customers by providing bandwidth to local Retail Service Providers who in turn deliver finished broadband services to end users. For more information browse our list of Retail Service Providersand contact the company that works best for you. They will work with Franklin PUD to get you connected.

For Retail Service Providers inquiring on the PUD’s services, we can provide services from 10MB to 10GB depending on the customer's need. Additionally the PUD can custom tailor networks on a case by case basis.

Standard Fiber Services

Base Bandwidth
25 Mbps
100 Mbps
1 Gbps

If you would like to provide retail services please email us at for more information or call 509-542-5905.

Master Services Agreement (MSA)
Nondiscriminatory and Interconnect Obligation Statement

Colocation Facilities Service

Located within our Administrative Building, Franklin PUD offers a state of the art colocation facility to private business to house equipment outside of their own physical business location. Safeguarding their data in this manner is essential for disaster recovery and data storage. Our equipment ranges from web servers to networking equipment. The colocation facility has 24 hour surveillance and is accessible 24x7 by a secure card key access and features low cost lockers with controlled access, redundant electric power, HVAC, an automatic fire suppression system and connections to multiple local and international carriers.

Colocation Services

Colo Description
19” or 23” full rack space including 15 amp AC power
19” or 23” 1/2 rack space including 15 amp AC power
19” or 23” 1/3 rack space including 15 amp AC power
Single Feed 15 amp DC Power
Dual Feed 15 amp DC Power
Single Feed 30 amp DC Power
Dual Feed 30 amp DC Power
Single Feed 50 amp DC Power
Dual Feed 50 amp DC Power
Copper or Fiber Cross-connect – District Network
ColoCage to ColoCage Cross-connect
Equipment and cable installation and provisioning
Lost Colocation Access Badges

Wireless Services

The PUD provides a wholesale Fixed Wireless product to its RSP's for use in residential and business applications. Currently we have Access Points at Tri-City Prep, TRAC, CBC and Kahlotus. There are a variety of service levels available, please contact one of our Wireless RSP's for more information on service levels, pricing and availability in your area.